Voxeus wished to offer podcast listeners the availability of a Site that allows them to generate, free of charge and without compensation, a Progressive Web App designed to facilitate listening.
Voxeus is a website that allows you to search for a Podcast via a Search Box and generate a Progressive Web App, open it in your browser and install an icon on your desktop or home screen; some operating systems also allow you to subscribe to the Podcast in the Progressive Web App and receive notifications.

ARTICLE 1 - Object and scope of application

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereafter « GTCU ») is to define the conditions under which VOXEUS makes the website available to Users as well as the reciprocal obligations of each party within the framework of the use of the Service.
Consequently, Users accepts, without reservation, these GTCU in their entirety before any use of the Service. The present GTCU are accessible on each page of the Site and govern its operation.
The use of the Service implies the User's acceptance of these GTCU.

ARTICLE 2 - Definitions

The following words and expressions beginning with a capital letter, in the singular or plural, are used in these GTCU with the following meaning :

  • « Site » or « Voxeus »: VOXEUS's secure website accessible by Users at the URL address « » and allowing access to the Service under the terms and conditions set out in these GTCU.
  • « Progressive web app »: A web application that consists of web pages or sites that appear to the User in the same way as native applications or mobile applications and that can be consulted like a classic website, from a secure URL and allows a user experience similar to a mobile application, without the constraints of the latter.
  • « Service »: service provided by VOXEUS thanks to the Services offered on the Site, and the methods of execution of which are described in article 5 below.
  • « Service »: service of automated generation and provision of a Progressive web app for listening to a Podcast determined and chosen by the User.
  • « Podcast »: digital audio content that can be downloaded in order to be listened to off-line on a computer or a digital music player.
  • « User »: any person over 15 year old and enjoying full legal capacity, or any legal entity under private or public law browsing the Site and/or subscribing to the Service.
  • « CTGU »: the present general conditions of use.


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Any User may browse freely on the Site. However, acceptance of the present GTCU is mandatory to use the Service. To access the Service, the User agrees to :

  • Have a minimum active Internet connection and a sufficient level of Internet access
  • Have a recent and up to date operating system
  • Use a recent web browser
  • Natural person: over 15 years of age

If the User fails to comply with the aforementioned prerequisites, the User is informed that he will not be able to use the Service in whole or in part. In the event of a false declaration, the User acknowledges that he or she is liable to be refused on the Service.

If you do not want users to have access to your feed on the Voxeus reading tool, please let us know by email at

If you want to use Voxeus on your domain name, we have a professional option for you, contact us at


Voxeus is a Podcast search engine that opens the dedicated Podcast in a technical environment dedicated and adapted to this type of media and allows you to easily reopen it and find the Podcasts that benefit from the Service. The Site allows you to search for a Podcast via a Search Box and generate a Progressive Web App, open it in your browser and install an icon on your desktop or home screen; some operating systems also allow you to subscribe to the Podcast in the Progressive Web App and receive notifications.


The User undertakes not to communicate to the Site any file likely to damage the website.


All the elements making up the Site are the property of VOXEUS. These GTCU do not confer on the User any property rights over the elements making up the Site made available to him/her for the purposes of the Service. No element composing the Site may be represented, reproduced or altered in any way whatsoever, on any medium whatsoever, in whole or in part, without the prior written authorization of VOXEUS. The User is informed that any failure to do so constitutes an act of counterfeiting punishable under Articles L 335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code, and that he or she may be prosecuted.


VOXEUS is required, for the purposes of the Service, to collect the personal data strictly necessary for the operation of the Service, essentially the IP address. Identifying data may also be collected to respond to Users via the contact section. In all cases the processing of personal data is done within the framework of VOXEUS's Privacy Policy. This data may be communicated to third parties hosting and/or supporting the Site and to all subcontractors working on the Site in order to enable VOXEUS to provide the Service.


With the aim in particular of making the Site Services more efficient, the User is informed that the Site uses cookies or other tracers and « connection cookies ». During visits to the Site, these cookies may be installed in the User's terminal subject to the choices and options that the User may express at any time. In all cases, cookies are processed within the framework of VOXEUS's Privacy Policy. The cookies used by the Site are :

  • installed, isPushNotificationsEnabled, isOptedOut: These cookies are used to personalise the User's interface and do not contain any personal identification information.

As these cookies have the exclusive purpose of enabling or facilitating communication by electronic means and are strictly necessary for the provision of the Service at the request of the User, they are not subject to the User's consent. The User may at any time delete these cookies or oppose their collection by configuring his browser. In this case, he acknowledges and accepts that the optimal use of the Service is not guaranteed.


Neither VOXEUS nor the User will be liable for any damage directly related to a case of force majeure as retained by French jurisprudence (including the interruption, suspension, reduction or cuts in electricity or telecommunications networks) that the defaulting party will notify the other party without delay and will do everything possible to limit.


VOXEUS may at any time be required to make unilateral changes to the Service and these GTCU, which the User expressly acknowledges and accepts. The User will be informed of any modification, by any means at VOXEUS's convenience. In the event of such a modification, the applicable GTCU shall remain those in force on the day on which a Service is ordered. The User may refuse these modifications by renouncing the use of the Service. VOXEUS reserves the right to suspend or stop the Service at any time, and will inform the User by any means. In the event of permanent cessation of the Service, these GTCU may be terminated by VOXEUS by operation of law, with no right to compensation from the User. Finally, VOXEUS reserves the right to suspend the Service for reasons of maintenance work on the Site in particular or to block access to certain Users in the event of a failure in authentication or an event that VOXEUS considered abnormal in the use of the Service.


The User acknowledges and accepts that VOXEUS may freely assign, contribute or transfer, in any form whatsoever, its rights and obligations resulting from these GTCU to a third party of its choice and that it will therefore, from the first day of the assignment of these GTCU, be entirely released from its obligations in respect of the provision of the Service. The User will be informed of this assignment. If the User objects to this transfer, he renounces any use of the Service. The User may not, under any circumstances, transfer or pass on to a third party, whether in return for payment or free of charge, in any form whatsoever, the benefit of these GTCU without the prior and express agreement of VOXEUS.


If one of the articles of these GTCU is found to be null and void or unenforceable by virtue of a law or regulation or as a result of a court decision, the other articles will retain their full force and scope.


The fact that VOXEUS does not avail itself of one or more provisions of these GTCU does not imply a waiver of the right to avail itself of all of the said GTCU.


The present GTCU are written in French. They may only be interpreted in their French version. They are subject to French law.